Truck Background



Our process has been tested and fine-tuned over many years. This collective knowledge and experience among our team is extensive and allows us to be confident in our ability to execute on complex concrete projects, accurately and efficiently.

Where We Excel

We have been on many different projects over the years and every job is different. It takes flexibility and skill to take care of the different challenges and opportunities that every job has. Over the years, our services have grown to include:

  • Agricultural projects
  • Commercial projects
  • Complete builds and renovations
  • Concrete, piles, foundations and slabs
  • Winter heating and hoarding

Our Commitment

We’ve served Winnipeg and Southeast Manitoba with accurate, quality work for over 25 years and look forward to our future in the industry. We see great value for our customers in the collaborative process and are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and finding solutions for the betterment of their projects.

General Building

Construction is a group effort it takes a mix of different trades, different materials, and even different goals. New technology, new products, and increasingly complex jobs has changed how construction works and our name is just as much about how we aim for our projects to run as it is about what goes into them.

A building is built of many materials that all have to work and rely on each other to come together for the final product. Whether a project is big and small; a full build or a concrete slab and foundation, our commitment is to make a common path to success that we can share with our customers, our trades, or our general contractors.

Industries We Serve

Our general building work extends into many industries. Here are some examples of where the majority of our work exists:

  • Agricultural building projects
  • Commercial building projects
  • New construction
  • Renovations
  • Specialized construction projects

Project Planning & Management

Planning and design greatly influence a project’s budget and quality. Many of our customers aren’t involved in construction projects on a regular basis, so we’re here to help get things started off on the right track.

Whether it’s a general consult in the exploratory phase or management of all construction activity, schedule and budget, we can help you create opportunities for efficiency and savings through the life of your project.

Well that’s a summary of what we do. Now have a look at what we’ve done.